SEI Calibraton technical Assistance Activities

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Engineering services :
SEI cal . Lab. With a combination of experienced engineers and advance d equipment is capable of
designing and establishing mobile and support for attaning ISO9000 and ISO17025 certificates and approvals.

Recall System:
SEI cal . Lab. Is equipped with an intellingent computerized software for tracing serviced equipment and recalling next calibration due in time thus once the customer delivers the unit to be calibrated for the first time he will be announced at proaper intevals for next calibration .

Theoretical and practical calibration courses covering essentials of metrology from technician level to expert level is provided by sel cal.lab. the courses very from short term (a few hours) to long ferm (several months depending on customers needs and background.

Cel calibration technical assistance activities
CELis prepared to offer turn key technical assistance in establishing calibration laboratories which include know documents preparing and setting up equipments consulting training test and measurement in the following fields:
Measurement and calibration of metric and English Dimensional parameters by mechanical and optical methods (length angle depth thickness roundness roughness parallelism leveling etc
Measurement and calibration of Electromechanical parameters (pressure vacrrm temperature torque force mass flow)
Measurement and calibration of direct and alternating current in low frequencies (for function generators power
supplies multimeters  sattmeters RLCmeters frequency meters etc)
Measurement and calibration of high frequency  and RFparameters (for telecommunication instruments)
Measurement and calibration of CRT base measurement instruments(analog and digital oscilloscopes ,curve tracirs logic analyzers,ultrasonic systems,etc)
Environmental parameters and reliability tests(according to industrial and military standards)
Antinna measurement from 300MHZup to 40GHZ.
Environmental laboratory is establiched to carry out variorus tests such as temperature , humidity ,shock, vibration ,& industrial radiography on products.