The Sector Operating Center is a sub-system of the command and control network. The SOC center has the mission of commanding and controlling the operations around its area and also is responsible for all airborne operations and gathering as well as displaying data. This center is connected with all airborne commanding centers and collects the information from these centers. This system helps the commanders for making decision by displaying and processing information. All the information of airborne units, operations, status of ground to air artilleries and air fighters are sent to this center to be processed and displayed for the commanders.




Technical features

• Protected against electronic warfare using input filters with attenuation of 100dB for electromag netic waves (2MHz – 18GHz)

• Receiving, processing saving and displaying radar data from the whole country (3D radars, airborne alarming radars, SSR radars, flight surveillance radar, ESM electronic interception ter minals, TADS systems, RIPS etc.)

• Radio communication systems in all frequency bands and conferencing between all the bands

• Establishing a secure voice, data and image network through coding output data

• Separate telephone network with the facility of connecting to all telephone lines

• Separating all the radiation systems from the operators

• Field surveillance and night vision system up to 100m distance

• Video conference system

• Supervising SOC data transferring with all data resources

• Receiving and announcing the last status of ground to air artilleries as well as ready aircrafts and fighters in the sites

• Advanced MUXs with facility of Ethernet, E1, telephone lines (FXS, FXO) through fiber optic with capacity of 155Mb

• Parallel links as alternative

• Connecting to higher and lower layers via pair wire up to 11.6Mb

• Microwave link network with other nodes with the distance of 30Km and capacity of 34Mb

• Using local data network and supporting WAN network and data transferring through different communications platforms (fiber optic, cable, microwave)

• Connecting to all communication systems (especially the countries SOC systems)