Solution for Maritime coastal surveillance and Harbor protection

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Maritime coastal surveillance and Harbor protection
Coastal surveillance & security system, including radar, signal processing, Electronic warfare, multi sene: system management.
Data base system and recording & raplay based on the IEI products is designed and built to ensure the integrity of the self territory and territorial waters.
The system identifies. And recognizes surface and air targets in the responsibility Of the self border gurd. The system is based on a number of radar sites including short range radar with sea target detection and signal processing capability and quantities.
The solution also incorporates EW equipment (COMINT& ESM) to act the role of passive detection.
The operational responsibility is allocated to pre-determined regional control centers (RCC).
Each RCC is connected with a number of radar sites.
The overall ----------- operations picture of all RCC is displayed to the operators in the National control center which is located at the Border Guard Harbor. Armaments can be also integrated in the proposed
The type and quantity of the Armaments is mainly based on the system architecture and customer requirement.
The following types can be introduced to the Solution:

  • SSM ( surface to surface missile)
  • SAM (( surface to Air missile)
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Gun 23 mm
  • Gun 40 mm
  • Gun 76 mm
  • Sea mines across the coast

Communication Equipment:

  • FON (fibr optic network)
  • Point to point wireless
  • VHF/UHF Communication
    WAFON (Wide Area Fiber Optic Network) for Communication With RCC&NCC