Spread Spectrum V/UHF Jammer (30-1000MHz), S2VUJ-200M

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S2VUJ jammers are designed to provide jamming on Fix/hopping frequency spread spectrum with the rate of 2500 bit/s and pulse radio communications. Frequency range of the systems is 30MHz ~ 1000 MHz. With adjustable output power up to 500 watt in S2VUJ-500L.
The radio software technology is used in this systems via processing cards. The following procedures can be done automatically by soft ware. 

  • Modulation identification
  • Frequency spectrum analysis
  • Signals detecting 
  • Automating modulation recognition 
  • Generating suitable jamming spectrum

Receiver sensitivity is -110dBm with a high speed in monitoring and frequency spectrum analysis.
Analyzing a 80 MHz spectrum can be done in 40 µs. The system has a modular construction, and different  types can be provided by changing the RF & power modules.
Easy operating is the advantage of the system and all control commands with necessary information are given to the user via a keyboard and LCD.


Technical Capability:

  • Wide frequency range (30-1000MHz)
  • Modular construction and capability of extending frequency range up to 3000MHz
  • Using the radio software technology
  • Capability of quick processing in wide band width (80MHz)
  • Capability of jamming in frequency hopping with the rate of 2500 hop/s
  • Displaying the received frequency, 3 dimensional and waterfall spectrums.

Technical Specifications:
Frequency range :                          30~1000MHz
Output power :                               Adjustable up to 200W
IF band width :                               80MHz
Accuracy sampling of spectrum:      14 bit

Sampling time:                              40µs for a spectrum (80MHz)
Band width in barrage :                20MHz
Multi tone jamming :                     Upto 7 effective channels
Jamming operation :                     automatic or manual
Jamming modes :                         Tone, multi tone, look through Jitter, follower
Speed following and jamming
of freq. hopping :                          Up to 500 hop/s
The received modulation
and jamming :                               Analog & digital modulation AM,FM, DSB, ISB, DTMF, FSX, PSX                       
Antenna type :                             log periodic
Average antenna gain :               6dBi
Antenna VSWR :                          Max. 2.5:1
Control unit:                                Pentium 4 industrial computer
Monitor :                                      15 inch LCD
Keyboard :                                   touchpad standard 101 key
Hard disk :                                  40GB
Source signal :                            Noise, Tone, saved audio pattern microphone 
Duration time for adjusting
freq. range and reaction :          50µs
Second & third 
harmonic suppression :             20dBc
MTBF :                                        More than 1000 hours
MTTR :                                        30 minutes           
Sensitivity :                                -110dBm
Temperature :                          Operating: -5ºC to +55ºC
                                                 storage: -30ºC ~ +70ºC
Rack size :                                19” and height 15 unit
Humidity :                                 90%@40ºC
Power supply :                         220VAC
Weight :                                   90 Kg