S-band Weapons Locating Phased Array Radar - Medium Range

SWL-M1 is a medium range phased array radar which is employed for positioning the launch point of hostile projectiles in three different classes of mortar, artillery, and rockets. It can also be used for correcting the impact point of friendly firing units. This radar is capable of scanning 90° of azimuth sector quickly. It is also capable of declaring the launch point position of 10 projectiles simultaneously in a short period of time. It is equipped by advanced ECCM capabilities and is able to perform its mission in environments full of different types of jammers. Since all of different radar sub-systems are installed on one truck, the radar is completely tactical and can be set up by two operators in a short time.

*Ability to confront EW.
*Locates mortars, artillery, and rocket launchers.
*Adjusts friendly fire.
*Predicts impact of hostile projectiles.
*Permanent storage for 99 targets.
*Remote control and remote data display capability.
*Possibility of selecting fixed or staggered PRF.
*Wide band transmitter and receiver.
*Possibility of operator controlled frequency change over the entire frequency band.
*Carrier frequency hopping capability over the entire transmitter bandwidth.
*Capability of turning STC on or off by user.
*Possibility of combining and displaying different videos (Normal and MTI)