Thermal Imaging Systems

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TBIR family of thermal Imagers is designed specifically for the military and law enforcement communications. It is an extremely low noise readout electronics, uncooled 3rd generation thermal imager with a large family of modular interchangeable telescopes for quick adaptation to any mission. It clearly distinguishes heat
emitted by humans, animals, and man made objects from most backgrounds, day or night and can be used for short, medium and long range imaging applications. Unlike image intensifiers, TBIR series can be used to see through total darkness, adverse weather and battlefield obscurants such as smoke, fog and dust. Both RS-232 and digital video output to other devices for recording or remote viewing, making it compatible with the army's vision of the digital battlefield. It can be used as a hand held image or tripod mounted in conjunction with other devices or installed in wheeled or tracked vehicles.


  • Advanced compact and fight weight.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Manual and automatic gain control.
  • Abllity to work in low ambient temperature.
  • x2 and X4 electronic zoom.
  • Various optional lenses.
  • Possibility of connection to external power supply and Video.
  • Optional remote control keyboard.
  • High resolution without need to cooling system.
  • Comprehensive two-year warranty.


  • With the appropriate lens and user interface selection it can be configured for a wide variety of nocturnal observation, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition applications.
  • Command and control.
  • Rapid night time artillery fire control.
  • Terrain navigation.
  • Selection of fighting positions.
  • Search and rescue.
  • Artillery fire control.
  • Law enforcement, Drug control.