Trench Periscope

* Secure observation
* Battlefield surveillance
* Equipped with a ccd adapter
* Protection against water & dust
* Nitrogen gas filled.


Model                                  TPS-501
Magnification                        5X
Field of view                         10°
Intrance pupil diameter          25mm
Exit pupil diameter                5mm
Eye relief                              25 mm
Dioptrically setting range       -4D ~ +4D
Interval of divisions                 5mil
Close focus                          15m ~ ∞
Hight of periscope                 470mm

Model                                 TPS-12
Magnification                      12X
Field of view                        5°
Intrance pupil diameter        40mm
Exit pupil diameter              3.3mm
Eye relief                            22 mm
Dioptrically setting range     -5D ~ +5D
Interval of divisions               5mil
Close focus                        35m ~ ∞
Hight of periscope               470 mm