Underwater Communication Systems

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Underwater wireless communicators are devices used in underwater speech communications in various military and commercial applications.
These systems act as conventional air wirelesses with some changes in algorithm and system.
Electro-Acoustic waves are replaced with electromagnetic ones and transducers with antennas. The SURFACE UNIT is a single side band, medium power system in a portable water proof case and contains a waterproof speaker, mounted on the control panel, for listening to received communications. The speaker can be turned off, and an optional headset may be connected and used instead. To transmit voice, the operator can use a hand-held microphone or the microphone on the headset. Both the standard microphone and the headset have a push-to-talk feature, activated by a switch on the microphone headset.
The DIVER UNIT is designed to provide a high level of performance and reliable communication to the professional diver. This system is mounted to the diver's waist or diving tank by a belt, and is interconnecting to an operator headset containing two high output speakers and to an underwater plugable connector for interconnecting the headset to the waterproof microphone contained in the diver's full-face mask. All system controls are located on the operator headset.
Our underwater communication systems are presented in three models: UWT-6782, UWT-6791 & UWT-6831 with nominal ranges of 1km, 6 km & 3km respectively. They are reliable, waterproof and pressure proof.