VHF / UHF Radio Encryption System (RES- 2111)

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VHF / UHF Radio Encryption System, RES-2111, is a digital cipher that has a very powerful cryptographic algorithm and signal processor for high security communication.
RES-2111 plug to Motorola professional (GP338) and other commercial radio.
Rate of transformation of RES-2111 is 2400 bps and voice delay is less than 200 ms.

General Descriptions

  • High level of security for radio communication 
  • Plug-in installation in GP338  Motorola radio 
  • solder installation into other VHF / UHF Radio
  • 2400 bps voice transformation rate
  • plain and  code override in receiver
  • Erasing keys and algorithms in emergency condition

Encryption Algorithm                    Straem CIPHER
Programming                                Via pc

Technical Specifications:
Operating current in Stand by 
mode :                                           20 mA
Operating current :                        110 mA
Operating temperature :                -20,+60°C
Storage temperature :                   -30,+65°C
Humidity :                                      Up to 90%