V/UHF Monitoring, RM1350

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RM1350 is designed to provide monitoring and eavesdropping in the frequency range of 20–1350 MHz.
This system has a high sensitivity receiver, high range dynamic, frequency stability and accuracy for monitoring such as IF output with different band width, recorder system, channel and frequency sweep.
System’s construction has been modular for easy repairing and maintenance. This system is equipped  with a display spectrum software which is installed under the windows of operating system, that display digital signal as dimensional, three dimensional and waterfall.  
Regarding controlling capability of the system, The modular construction is in a way that can be converted to a DF system by adding 2 other modules to the receivers and related software.
Also the system is able to distinguish defected modules due to BITE capability. The system includes industrial computer, spectrum displaying hardware, multi coupler and receiver in a 15 inch rack. 
Technical Capabilities:

  • Wide frequency range (20-1350MHz) and extendable upto 2700MHz
  • High sensitivity receiver  
  • Wide range dynamic
  • Equipped with BITE facility
  • Modular construction
  • Capability of displaying on 15 inch display 
  • Capability of saving  digital signal  with less than 150KHZ band width 
  • Displaying spectrum as dimensional, three dimensional, water fall
  • Capability of saving the received signal with WAV format
  • Extracting I/Q the signals with band width less than 4MHz 

 Technical Specifications:
Frequency range :                      20~1350 MHz
Modulation type :                       AM,FM,PM
Input impedance :                      50O
Channel scan :                          1 ~1000 channel 
Frequency search :                    1~ 20 frequency range
Noise figure :                            10dB(20~300MHz)
Flatness :                                 more than 35bB(second joint section)
                                              15dB(third joint  section)
Frequency generator :                 via synthesizer with 100Hz spacing
Sensitivity :                              -125dBm
Sampling accuracy of spectrum :  14bits
Frequency setup accuracy
of panorama :                            1Hz
Keyboard :                                touchpad standard 101 key
Control unit :                             Pentium 4  industrial computer
Monitor :                                  15 inch LCD
Hard disk :                                80GB
Power supply :                           220 AC
Temperature :                           0ºC to +50ºC
Rack size :                                19” and height 15 unit
Humidity :                                 90%@40ºC
Weight :                                   35  Kg