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In practice, there is a variety of graphical tools for handling and analysing the alarm situation in the network. Forexample, graphical viewers can be used to view the alarms, and detailed information on each alarm can be found from an alarm manual.
There are also applications for making searches of the alarms in the database, and for...

ITU-T (M3400) Standard for NMS:
Fault Management

Alarm Surveillance

  • Receive Alarms
  • Persist Alarms
  • View Alarms
  • Alarms Severity Management
  • Alarms Filter Management
  • Alarm Threshold Management

Fault Localization
Fault Correction

The management of telecommunications network can be divided into five key functional areas of network management: performance management, fault management, configuration management, security management and accounting management is included in the same category.

  1. Performance Management
    Performance management
  2. ...

System Features:

  • Creating Multiple view
    We can have multiple independent view of environment each with different settings. For example in the above picture there are 4 views. Two of them are Map view and the others are 3D view with different zoom and pan settings. In each 3D view we can rotate the model for
  • ...